Paper cut

Bleeding symphonies Floating notes Painted poetry Lost in prose Solitary Pieces fall One by one One in all Lyrics fade Silently Drawn back to The symphony What’s lost Is locked Not truly gone It always was And never won Bandaged and bruised But still a hue My paper’s loud My sound is true Stitches burst… Read More Paper cut

Tiny star

Tiny star A part of me A moment one Barely be Surrounded by Established tree Questioning  The final “see” Goodbyes unsaid Barely hello I would have said You’re loved, ya know? Until the time When breath slows down I’ll hold my heart  Up to the sound You’ll know it’s me I’ll never slow I wish… Read More Tiny star

Study me.

She sits alone, with them nearby Muted screams, diluted by Her grades get by  What’s needed-Why? She passes fine No questions asked, continuing along the path  She stops again, but leaves it last They seem to think she’s passed the test  Not knowing if she’s read……at best As time goes by, she questions…why? The tests… Read More Study me.