Tiny star

Tiny star

A part of me

A moment one

Barely be

Surrounded by

Established tree


The final “see”

Goodbyes unsaid

Barely hello

I would have said

You’re loved, ya know?

Until the time

When breath slows down

I’ll hold my heart 

Up to the sound

You’ll know it’s me

I’ll never slow

I wish I could 

have seen you grow

For now I’m here

Below the skies

I’ll look up often

Sometimes I’ll cry

We’ll meet one day

Far from here

A place without

A single tear

You’re not alone

Your family’s near 

Do not shed a single tear. 

We’ll meet again 

Someday we will

I promise 

I will love you still

Two hearts above

My heart below


Someday you’ll know.


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