You had one job….

Doctors. Im talking to you. More specifically, those in the mental health profession. 

Sure, your job isn’t easy. I get it. You worry about “getting it wrong”. Whatever the “it” is, can screw you over if you mess up.  (That’s why you get paid the “big bucks”). 

Here’s the thing….while I’m sure you’re more than aware that the majority of us turn to webmd in hopes of curing whatever “it” is sans an office visit-it can only take us so far. 

Accepting defeat means forking out money for an office visit because of the pharmaceutical wall that our semi-completed community college degrees simply can’t penetrate. We need you. And you know this. 

You hold all the power in that half inch pad of paper.  

While we spend hours scouring pages and pages of different ailments related to what we suspect is causing us discord, you are tasked with pinpointing our problems in a matter of minutes. Minutes.

I don’t know about you, but I often see different doctors. You see, I go to a large practice. Often times, I’m paired with a doctor I’ve never met before because of scheduling convenience. 

Typically, I’m asked a couple questions-many of them unrelated to what the point of the visit is, and then ultimately receive a watered down diagnosis. 

When I say watered down, I mean the doctors are covering their asses(for lack of a better term). 

Most of the time (during my 5 minute doctors visit) I forget half of the stuff I wanted to say. It’s awkward. I’ve never been good at explaining myself. 

I guess my point is…..

We have to stand up for ourselves. No one knows YOU better than you do. If something doesn’t seem right, or if you don’t agree with what your doctor is saying about you- get a second opinion!

I felt compelled to write this post because of my rollercoaster I’ve been on with my ADHD diagnosis since the beginning of this year. It’s gone from ADHD, to anxiety/depression, to social anxiety, to generalized anxiety, and finally back to ADHD once again. 

It’s exhausting. 

What I’ve learned through all of this, is that you have to be your own advocate. You might not have a medical degree or even know how to change a bandage, but you do know yourself better than anyone else. 

YOU are the only one who knows how you feel, think, see etc. 

If you suspect something is off, don’t hesitate. And if the doctor brushes you off, find one that won’t. 

Keep fighting. 


8 thoughts on “You had one job….

  1. This probably only works for the hyperactive flavor of ADHD, but things I’ve noticed that girls with ADHD (heavy on H) that don’t seem run-of-the-mill GAD or social anxiety alone: not be aware of/able to modulate the volume of their voice (people say they are yelling one minute and then whispering the next); have certain sensory stimulations – often “sticky” ones or “oily/slimey” ones they just cannot take (sucks lotions often trigger this…); can’t accurately perceive time (will say something is “a couple weeks ago – and truly believe it – when it has been a month or more), tell a story with three characters and start using only “her” to describe all of them, utterly losing their audience; have invested in (real money or unhealthy amounts of time) in at least three full-scale multi-month projects or social commitments (or more…) in less than half that amount of real time, but completed none of them to date; have legitimately forgotten to eat for multiple meals because you were still in the hyperfocus stage of one of those projects (legitimately forgotten, not known you should eat but not had the spoons for it), and/or driven on an expired car registration for 3+ months, not because you didn’t have the money or were afraid to face people at the DMV, but simply because you only remembered you needed to go after business hours – and by the next morning that plan was erased from your brain forever, and finally, you have lost your credit card, driver’s license, birth certificate, wedding ring or some other “how could you lose that” item of daily adulting at least once already this year… Not at all a clinically valid diagnostic, but pretty much only those with ADHD (or sometimes ASD), not those with only anxiety diagnoses, quite self-endorse those!


    1. How about when you have money to pay your bills, but don’t pay them on time because they get lost in the pile of junk sitting on the counter…. Or, when you put something in a “safe place” and it ends up lost forever because you forgot where that place is…

      Plus side- I often find lost treasures years later when I’m not looking for anything 😂

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      1. Evernote will save your life on the “losing piles of paper and missing bills bit.” You’ll still lose the paper, but you’ll have a picture of the amount due and the address and can write an apologetic note in a plain envelope with the check. Most of the time bill collectors give up and accept that. Also, put a phone/email reminder as soon as you take the picture to save in Evernote. Then you can set a reminder for three days hence of “You’ve forgotten a bill. Go deal.” And yeah, welcome to the tribe.


  2. Oh, and add “can write clean, polished blog posts after rounds of proofreading, but if they write an off-the-cuff comment on someone else’s blog will skip words, change tense, etc. because their brain just doesn’t notice.” Inattentive typos ftw there…

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