Toast, crackers, and Sea foam green

The epitome of neutral.

The siphoning of hues.

Losing all ink.

-Yet covered in blues.

Flooded with paper

And covered in chalk

Coughing on excess

Still able to talk

Words trapped in symphonies

Logic astray

Sense makes no sense to me

All fades away….

If i could

If I could…

Today would be

That day

When all would

fit neat

When time would

make grey

Grey isn’t easy

It’s simple yet strict

It bleeds blissfully

Only, If you please it

It feeds on normal, structure,

and few

It thrives on

Homely, and boring untrue

Color stays true

It threatens those few

If you penetrate it-

It captures you.

It sucks you in


Then absorbs you in…

And sets you free!


Oh. Suddenly.

You begin to see

That tree.

The greens and browns,

The leaves, the breeze.

Gone away is

Sea foam green.

The time you let

It be.

A color, hue, sub par

For free.

It’s worth

No more

The tree- it’s me!


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