My night owl can solve equations…what can yours do?

You read that correctly.

It’s true. In the dark of night, is when it comes out to play…

My night owl. 

During the day, it naps. It naps so hard, you might think it’s comatose.

It wears sunglasses. Just in case….

It knows….oh it KNOWS! So very much. 

The thing is, it doesn’t want the attention. So, it stays comfortably hidden in the shadows during the daylight, waiting to shine in the night.

When the sun is bright and I’m losing focus, stumbling on words, my night owl stays mute. No amount of caffeine has any affect on my owl. 

Hours spent navigating simple phone calls, errands, and writing, barely seem to scratch the surface of my night owl’s vocabulary. If the sun had set, and everyone in bed, it would gladly take charge. 

Ideas, plans, new inventions, conversations from  5 years ago, would all suddenly some into play along with their respective plans and concerns for the future. 

Night owl is annoyingly humble along with a rainbow of emotions that never seem to settle down. Colors bleed into ideas. Dreams aggrandize into far fetched but possible realities. Nightmares infiltrate my fragile mind. 

Chaos. That’s its name; my night owl. 

It thrives on vulnerability, anxiety, hope, and wonder. It has the power to turn a simple thought into action! 

 It has the power to make a minor worry, into Mount Everest. 

It has the power to convince me that I cannot do any better.

It has the power, until I decide to stop feeding it. 

Maybe depriving it isn’t the answer. Maybe what I should do is feed it better quality food… 

You know what they say, “You are what you eat.”


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