An ode to my ever so demanding anxiety…

Patiently impatient

Pacing back and forth

Sneakers tapping the pavement 

Silent knock on the door

Swollen lips

Bit down to bloody bits

Finger tips

Calloused from lack of quit
Reaching for water

Driven by madness

Preventable thirst

Alone surround by it

They don’t know

Never will

This secret, this pill 

I can’t swallow 

beyond the hill
Drowning alone 

Fully dry


Should I try?
Cycling back to the start

A familiar post

Same inconsistencies

Always a generous host
Repeat on replay

Replay yet another day

Clawing at the stay

Succumbing in a humble way
Losing keys never lost

Key to it all 

Silent since the frost

Sun melting rays

Intimidating the unknown 

It questions

Even it’s own

Darkness fights 

To claim

Everything unknown

Begins to know it’s name

Sense makes no sense

Logic doesn’t apply

Suddenly it’s ok

It’s ok to not know why. 


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