Parties, presents, cake! (Just kidding you’re over 30)

It has been brought to my attention, over and over and over again (thanks to my two sweet little boogers), that tomorrow is my birthday. Somehow, as the day has gotten closer, I’ve managed to repeatedly let it slip my mind. These kids won’t let me forget though….no matter how hard I try.

“Tomorrow is going to be the best day ever. It’s your birthday. I love birthdays!” My 6 year old daughter exclaimed as I was tucking her in. I started to explain that birthdays are a little bit different when you’re older. But, I kind of let her get excited about it. Hey, at least someone should, right??

My son’s mouth has been drooling for the last two days since I was forced to pick out a cake for myself while we were at Costco. “Tomorrow we get cake!” He squealed at dinner time earlier this evening. 

I don’t have the heart to tell him that tomorrow, will be just another day for me. We will have the obligatory cake after dinner, just because it’s what you do on birthdays. Other than that, all it is, is a reminder that I am another year older. 

It will be a day to reflect upon all of the many many things I wanted to accomplish at this point in my life-things I’ve barely even made a dent in.  

I will carry on about my day like any other day, only it will be slightly more disappointing. 

Boy, I really sound like a debbie downer, huh? Sorry about that. But here it is….going to be totally honest-

Adult birthdays suck. Once you hit 21, each year gets less exciting, and more dreadful.

Your youth is slowly slipping away. 

Parties are few and far between. 

Presents are no where near as cool as the presents you got as a kid. 

You start to look forward to the money-less birthday cards because they’re better than being totally forgotten about.

 Hell, you can’t even enjoy the cake because it will go straight to your ass. 

I think once you hit 30, birthdays become less about celebrating and more like alarm clocks. Tick tock. 

Did you lose the weight you promised yourself from the last birthday? Did you get that promotion? Did you step out of your comfort zone at all? Or is it that you’re still in the exact same place as last year? 

I know I sound totally depressing,  but I’ m ok with it. Birthdays just aren’t what they used to be, and that’s ok. Now, I get to experience the excitement I felt as a kid through my own kids on their own birthdays. 

I guess this is just a new chapter of life. It’s a chapter I feel like I’m not ready or prepared for. I don’t think anyone ever is prepared. 

So, tomorrow, I’m going to try my best to celebrate. I did make it 31 years on this earth while maintaining to be super awesome 😉. 


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