Lather, rinse, repeat…

…and repeat. The next day, you take a shower and do it again. And the next day. In fact, you’ve gotten so used to using the same cheap shampoo, that you don’t hesitate to switch to another brand that might be healthier for your hair. You’re comfortable with your affordable, lackluster, scentless shampoo. The thought of switching never crossed your mind-that is until one day, your friend let you borrow hers. 

After overindulging in a few too many margaritas, it became necessary for you to stay the night at your friends house. You needed a shower. You needed her shampoo. You weren’t expecting an overnight stay so you didn’t bring anything with you. 

After washing off the stench of the bar and your inhibitions, you pick up her bottle of shampoo.  It is packaged differently than yours. In a thin eloquent iridescent white bottle, it is almost a little intimidating. But that’s ridiculous, right? It’s just shampoo after all.

 You pop open the cap. All of a sudden an intoxicating aroma of pineapple, coconut, and something you can’t quite define overwhelms your senses and you feel a sense of….pleasure? That can’t be right. It’s just shampoo after all.

Your hair is sufficiently saturated with water so you work the new shampoo in between the strands of your dirty hair. It’s velvety suds spread all throughout your locks. It feels like silk between your fingers. You glance at the bottle and sigh. This must be expensive shampoo. You start to feel a little jealous that your friend can afford to indulge in luxury shampoo. Why do you care that much though? It’s just shampoo after all. 

Later that night you think back to your shower from earlier that evening. You think about your own less than satisfying shampoo. You think about the plain, scentless, moisture sucking, cheap, boring shampoo sitting in the same spot it always sits, in the back of your shower. Suddenly you come to a realization. The luxury shampoo, your friend uses, you are actually able to afford if you want it badly enough. But again, it makes no sense to waste extra money. You’ve been fine all along with the sub par bottle you’ve always turned to. It wasn’t until you experienced how much better shampoo can be, that you began to question your selection in hair care products. It’s just shampoo, though. 

Over the course of the next week, you continue your routine. Same cheap shampoo. It’s comforatable. Every day you use it though, you can’t help but think more and more about how much better your shampoo experience can be. Your hair doesn’t have to be dry, lifeless, or scent less.  There’s so much more potential out there. But really, it’s ridiculous. It’s JUST shampoo. 

You’ve run out of shampoo. You go to your normal store to purchase some more. Yet this time, instead of going straight to your normal cheap shampoo brand. You hesitate. You look around. Never did you notice how many options there were for shampoo! Suddenly you feel overwhelmed. It should be so easy right? Just grab the normal bottle you always get.  After all, it’s just shampoo.

But it’s not. You’re settling into your comfort zone. It’s predictable. It’s always there. It gets the job done. It cleans your hair. It goes through the motions. It doesn’t cost much, but doesn’t give much in return. What does it really do for your hair? (The cheap shampoo, of course). Nothing. It does nothing. It doesn’t promise anything, but doesn’t necessarily disappoint either. The luxury brand-your friends shampoo-can do so much more for your hair. Much more than you ever could have imagined.  So which bottle do you choose??

After all, it’s just shampoo. Right?


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