Life behind invisible bars…

What makes you happy? Stop for a minute and think about it. It should be an easy answer. Simple. It’s different for everyone, but still, it shouldn’t be difficult.

Why is it taking you so long to answer such an elementary question? C’mon- WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?? 

I bet when you were a child, you could answer that question without hesitation. When you were a child you might have said, “Candy! Staying up late! Playing freeze tag with my friends!” Fun came in carefree frequent doses when you were small. You didn’t worry. You didn’t hold grudges. You didn’t think twice before getting on that giant roller coaster, even though you ended up puking all over yourself- you would do it again.

What happens to us? Some where along the way between bills, crying babies, and failed relationships, we forget how good candy tastes. We forget how much fun playing freeze tag is. We don’t even think about getting on that giant roller coaster because we’ve seen too many news stories about rides getting “stuck” and people getting hurt. 

Why do we let ourselves forget? Are our overwhelming responsibilities and unrealistic expectations holding us captive? If you think about it-they kind of are. 

You’re a prisoner to yourself and the world around you. You’re a prisoner to your own mind.

In my opinion, the worst expectation you’re required to fulfill is to “fit in” and make sure people like you. If not, it’s ok, but….not really. Unless, of course, you want to be miserable in said job, or whatever role you play. 

Why the hell do we put ourselves through this? I’m not saying you should stop working or taking care of your responsibilities. There’s no escaping that. 


Somewhere along the way most of us have forgotten what it’s like to live. Have fun. Be spontaneous. Go for a drive without having a destination in mind. Instead, we waste our time fiddling our thumbs in our self inflicted prison cells. We have the key. We can get out anytime we want. It’s actually very simple. But, we don’t. We sit in our cells obsessing over the little things. Thinking about how others perceive us, and then mentally punishing ourselves for being who we truly are simply because someone else’s idea of who we should be doesn’t match up to the reality. 

The key is practically sitting in the lock ready to free us All we have to do is say the word. But we don’t. Turning the key would make too much noise. We don’t want that kind of attention. 

My escape. It’s dangerous. It’s enticing. It’s exciting. Forbidden. Untouchable. Near but very far. 

Is it real though? It is. Is it here though? No, so that makes it okay. 

Walls starting to fall down onto the floor. The roof comes crashing down. It’s terrifying but the fresh air never felt so sweet. 

Being stuck is a prison. Metaphorically and literally. Even though the bars might be invisible, I know they’re there. I can choose to accept that they exist and continue to stay in my cell, or I can choose to acknowledge that they are in fact, invisible, therefore making it possible to escape. 


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