Suck it up buttercup. 

Let me start this post by saying a big fat HELL no, to the title. I am pissed off. Not the normal “I’m so mad, I need a piece of chocolate,” but the “give me a baseball bat” kind of angry. 

Mental health. Mental. It has such an icky stigma. In reality though, every single one of us needs mental health. It’s just that most of us are mentally healthy-and that’s great! What upsets me though, is the others that don’t easily have access to the things or tools that they need to be healthy mentally. Whether it’s lack of health insurance or, even worse (in my case especially), that family member that tells you to just fight it and try harder. They don’t realize the damage they’re causing by saying those words. Do they not think you’ve tried that already? Like you don’t already feel enough of a failure? It’s incredibly frustrating and a major blow to the self esteem. 

Some of us are different. Actually a lot of us are. We need some help. Sometimes it’s a therapist that helps us battle the daily struggles with helpful strategies and support. Other times, it’s a psychiatrist who recognizes that therapy alone might not be the best avenue for us to excel to our highest potential. At that point, you’re faced with the added stigma of being “medicated”. 

Medicated. It’s almost like you have cooties, right? You might as well put a big sign on your head that says “mentally unstable”. Well, maybe I’m over exaggerating, but that’s the vibe I get from people that just can’t accept that anxiety, depression, ADHD, panic disorder,OCD, schizophrenia,  etc… a real thing. People have existed way before western medicine was a thing and they managed to get through life just fine. They didn’t have labels. They didn’t take medicine. I can’t disagree with that point. It’s true. People got through life without therapists and psychiatrists for a very long time. Let me ask you this though….did mental illness not exist back then, or was it unrecognized? If they had had the resources we have now in modern medicine, and have the knoweledge to go along with it, would they choose to continue “getting by”, or would they pursue a better life for themselves by reaching out for help if it existed? I think the answer is obvious. Don’t you?

My point is, if you feel depressed, anxious, scared, out of control, etc…If you feel off-don’t let anyone talk you out of getting help. You know yourself better than anyone. Trust your gut. Life can be amazing. Sometimes it just takes a little adjusting. You’d be amazed how many things you’ve been missing!


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