A comparison of shopping carts with the “Quinoa folks”

 Grocery stores. 

 I’m the worst at planning meals. Probably because the whole “planning” part bores me to tears. I usually wing it when I head to the store. I have my dry erase board on the fridge filled with things I randomly think we need. Blah blah blah. Anyway. The whole topic of grocery shopping is a bore so I’ll cut to the chase…

Ever catch yourself eyeing what’s in other people’s carts? Why am I always in line behind the person whose whole cart is filled with organic this and that, quinoa, kale, and other stereotypical health food items. Do they know something I don’t? Is there a way to make that stuff taste somewhat edible?? What am I missing??  Maybe those people are so focused on being healthy, that they no longer have taste buds. Maybe my taste buds are dysfunctional…

Have you ever looked at those people though? The “quinoa folks”?  Little bit of advice-don’t make eye contact-Unless you want the eyes of judgement burning into the depths of your chubby soul.

Sometimes I find myself throwing random health looking crap into my cart just to make myself look better. That way the hangry quinoa chick won’t silently put a curse on me when she eyes my cart full of Doritos and delicious processed food. 

(By the way-I love you quinoa folks. I hope to get on your level one day 😏 You must show me your ways…)


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