Fate, fate, why you so late????

Fate is a funny thing. It doesn’t care about your plans. It doesn’t care about your schedule. It isn’t patient, it isn’t kind. It’s neutral. It doesn’t have an agenda. It waits for no one. When you least expect it, when it’s uninvited, it makes its presence known. 
First it starts out slowly. You might not notice the edge of its shadow peaking out from beneath the curtains. 
As time bleeds on, the shadow gradually grows more pronounced. It becomes harder to ignore its presence. You might glance at it once or twice, but still, it’s just a shadow.
You might turn more lights on to try and extinguish the shadow. Here’s the thing about shadows though- they don’t exist without light. It only makes them darker and more pronounced. 
Out of desperation and fear or the unknown, you might try and turn off every light. It won’t work though. When every thing is dark, the whole world becomes a shadow.  
Why would we want to run away from something that wants to help? We need to learn to embrace the shadows in our lives. Otherwise, how do we move forward? If fate has pegged us, there’s nothing more we can do. Sure you can fight it, but what good would that do?
Lying to yourself is the worst thing you can do . If you listen hard enough, you’ll get an honest answer. You can choose to accept it or ignore it. If you ignore it repeatedly-you’ll self destruct. 


This brings us back to fate…Why spend so much time trying to control every outcome? Why do we waste so much energy on things that won’t matter next year, 5 years from now, or even 49 years from now? 
Don’t be afraid of the shadows. Odds are-they’re trying to tell you something if you’re willing to listen…


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