Newsfeed bs, memes, and things I don’t want to buy….



I am the biggest hypocrite when it comes to Facebook. I’m on it all the time. I have no idea why. It’s a time sucker upper and a bad habit. At most, it’s a distraction from boredom when I actually shouldn’t be bored because there’s things I need to be doing. Make sense?

What’s worse, is it’s become painfully predictable. Here’s an rundown of my typical newsfeed…


#JOIN my lularoe, thirty one,scentsy,avon,marykay, stelladot,pamperchef, crazylonglashes, naildecalthingys, romance stuff toys, tupperware no one uses, herbaplexusbeachbody, it works, candlesandstuff, GROUP! Don’t want to be added to it? No worries, I already went ahead and added you to it anyway 😀


#Political posts. Reasons why these political posts need to be read and reposted. If you don’t believe what I believe, then you can unfriend me posts~

#Cat picture~

#Baby announcement. 743,274,863,278,467,328,647,382 pictures to follow of said baby.

#Post of someone holding a green looking drink standing in front of a mirror, followed by some sort of motivational quote they found off of pinterest~

#”Today I ate breakfast and went to the store. Then I petted a cute dog. It’s a great day.” posts.

#Song lyrics~

#Cat picture~

#”Not many of you will read this. Only my real friends that love me actually read my posts. If you don’t like, comment, and share this, then you are dead to me.” posts~

#”My (significant other) is so amazing. I am so beyond blessed. I am blessed to be me, and I and so thankful to be so blessed. You all have a blessed day.”posts~

#”Rant. If you can’t drive then get off the road. I saw you looking back at me as you cut me off. If I wasn’t so intimidated by you I would have gotten out of my car and given you a piece of my mind! End rant.”posts~

#Cat picture~

#Innapropriate but funny meme

#Someone is offended post


#If you join my team by midnight, you’ll get $1000000000 in rewards! (Ask me how)~

#Kids birthday post

#(for the love of God) another cat post…6d63d092ef1a698433fd38b898451ab0c989df43a7389e5ca1324c9d4af35e42

#The person that doesn’t know how to use the internet for directions post- “Does anyone know where the hospital is? It’s an emergency”

#The “My kid said this and it was so funny.”  (but not really) post.


I could go on and on. What else you got wordpress followers? Anything to add?















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