30 year old wisdom


On Monday I turned 30. (*gasp) I know, I know, I find it hard to believe as well. Since I have officially been promoted to “adult”, I figured I would share some wisdom with my dear young followers…..

  • Start eating healthy NOW. Sure you might be able to eat an entire plate of nachos every night for a week straight and not gain a single pound, but that victory will be short lived. The weight will start to creep up on you, and you’ll say “Ha. I’ll start eating better next week. It’s probably water weight anyway.” The next week will come, and that extra pound will most likely double. As time goes on, and you continue tempting the scale by living dangerously with your platters of delicious nachos, she will laugh in your face. “You think you can get away with that?? Look in the mirror Nacho McFat Pants. You are now my SLAVE. Hahaha!”


  • Shop at thrift stores!! Buy things second hand!! I can’t stress this enough. You will save tons and tons of money. No one will ever know…..unless you tell them-because you’re super stoked that you just got 10 shirts, 5 pairs of pants, 3 pairs of shoes, a night stand, a hand bag, and an old tea cup that you suspect might be worth a lot of money, for only $30.


  • Have a conversation with a person. Face to face. Ditch the emojis, and the text/FB/twitter/instagram/fake/#followersdonotequalfriends/#lifewasntmeanttobespentstaringatyourphone/#hashtagsaredumb/#gooutandmeetsomeone


  • If you don’t have money for it, don’t buy it. Credit cards do NOT equal free money. They will haunt you.Whatever you had to have that cost $100 a few months back you may have already forgotten about-but your credit card statement didn’t (by the way, you actually have to pay that money back )….


  • While we’re talking about money, buy yourself a decent coffee pot and travel mug. Those $5 Cherry blossom chai soy venti with splenda covered with gold flakes (ok exaggerating) lattes from Starbucks that you must have every morning are gone faster than you can even finish saying it’s name. MAKE YOUR OWN COFFEE. If it will make you feel better, you can write your name on it spelled incorrectly before heading out the door in the morning….


  • Going to bed early doesn’t make you lame. It makes you smart. Especially if you don’t yet have kids. This makes you super smart. It means you have taken the advice from those who have paved the way before you, and you comprehend what’s to come once you’re a parent…..NO SLEEP.


  • That picture of you shotgunning beers you thought was cute in college and posted all over FB will follow you around to each and every job you apply for. And really, lets face it-it wasn’t that cute to begin with.


  • Read a book.


  • Go outside.


That’s all I’ve got at the moment. Feel free to share advice you’d like to add in the comments 😉



3 thoughts on “30 year old wisdom

  1. I remember turning 30!! I loved my 30’s, and as I turned 40 recently-ish, I am embarking on new decade as well. Your advice is pretty great, and if you’ve figured this stuff out already before you hit my age, I think you’re ahead of the game! I’m just now realizing that the weight gain on my scale isn’t probably water, or my clothes getting heavier… 🙂

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