“Why did God make crabs?”

“Why did God make crabs?” My 4 year old son asked me while eating his lunch. “Because they’re tasty.” I replied chuckling to myself. “Ewww! I would not eat a crab.” J said shaking his head with an adorable look of disgust, only a 4 year old can pull off. “Every animal on the earth has a purpose-even the crab.” I stated. “Oh! Mommy! If you don’t touch them, they’ll become part of your army!”  Huh?? ” A crab army??” He looked at me like I had two heads. “No, silly! In minecraft!” I was totally lost at that point.


“Buddy, we were talking about crabs, remember?” He seemed to remember his previous question and repeated it again. “I told you, J. Every animal has a job to do.” At first he seemed content with that answer. He took a bit of his PB&J. “What job does the crab do?” I was hoping my first answer was sufficient. “Well…..it does crab things.” (Please don’t ask me to explain. Please don’t ask me to explain….) “Oh.” He returned to eating his sandwich.

“Did you know if you give a dog a bone, it will become your pet?” I was relieved his attention was away from the crab question, since my knowledge on crabs (aside from the fact that they taste great when formed into a cake), is lacking. “Dogs do love bones-but giving them one doesn’t make it your pet.” I said. “Mommy! It does! Also, you have to watch out for scorpions!” Once again, our conversation had taken a turn and I was lost. “J. What in the world are you talking about? Scorpions are real, but not around here. You don’t need to worry about them where we live.” The wheels in my brain were getting tired while trying to navigate the direction in which this conversation was going. “Mommy! I know that, silly. I’m talking about minecraft.” He spoke slowly, so that I would understand. “Ok. Well…that’s interesting, J. I didn’t know that.” One five minute conversation with my four year old and I was questioning my own intelligence (I do this daily).

After lunch we were on our way to pick up my 5 year old from school. Another round of more grueling questions was about to begin, and I wasn’t ready. Coffee was my best friend today.

The questions are endless. I love my kids. They are both very smart. It’s getting more difficult to pretend I know the answers to all the questions they have. Thank goodness for technology. What did parents do before google was around?


Oh, and thank goodness for coffee!!!!



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