Rainy days and meaningless doodles. (Lego Edition)

Today has been a long day. I could not be more excited to sleep in tomorrow morning, after this never-ending week following spring break. When I say sleeping in, in reality it means sleeping until 7 am instead of 6am.

Today was a cloudy, rainy day (which is unusual where we live), so I was forced to keep my boisterous four-year-old entertained indoors. I wanted to try and steer him away from the tv. I naively thought this would be a great time to go over our lessons. I was wrong. My son was totally against that idea. I suggested reading one of the ten books he picked out from the library-nope, no interest. Next, I thought we could draw pictures and color together. For a moment, he considered doing this. “Do I get to use markers?!” Hesitanty I agreed, knowing full well what this meant-drawing with “washable” markers over anything but paper.

Initially everything was going well. My four year old started out by drawing…a rock. “Do you want to add anything to your picture?” I asked, not wanting to waste a bunch of paper on rock pictures. “Nope, I’m done. Can I watch tv?” I wasn’t ready to give up yet. “What do you want Mommy to draw? Can I draw with you?” This would give me a chance to brush up on my elementary “doodling” skills.

“Yes! Mommy draw a lego!” He jumped up and down with excitement. How hard can it be? I thought to myself.

While my four-year-old continued to draw rocks, “chickens”, and heads with legs and no necks, I began to doodle. I started out with the lego head. It didn’t turn out to look quite like a lego, but I was amused at this point and had an idea where I was going with this.

“Look, buddy! here’s my lego guy.” He looked for a second, and replied , “That doesn’t look like a lego.” He then chuckled and went back to his rock.

Whatever. I was now drawing “lego” guys for my own entertainment. Let me introduce to you  Green Hair Don’t Care, Greg-

After my first masterpiece, I was compelled to draw a friend for Greg. Meet Skinny Jeans Joey (A.K.A. ***EmO JoE***)

Last, but not least, you’ve never seen a “lego” gal like this one before-Dancing with the Stars Darla.

I showed my two doodles to my son, and he looked at them for a second, gave a short, totally uninterested chuckle, and said, “Can I watch the lego movie?”



Thank goodness it’s the weekend!!



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