Chopped. (DIY Hair edition)

 I’m stubborn. It’s really strange actually. I’m quite insecure a lot of the time (courtesy of my persistent nagging anxiety), yet other times I’m overly confident.  I have no explanation for this.

I think being stubborn is my saving grace. During those times of doubt, there’s always that voice in the back of my head taunting me-“hey, c’mon! If (so and so ) can do it, why can’t you??” That voice is the one that pulls me out of my funk. It’s the voice that lifts me back to reality when I feel like I’m falling down.  When my mind is playing tricks on me, that voice fights back. 

Over the past year, I’ve kind of been on a DIY journey.  I started out wanting to save money, but it evolved into more than that. I realized, I simply wanted to prove to myself that I can DO things. Throughout this, I’ve learned a lot …

I can write! (At least I think I can…jury’s still out on this one) Obviously, I would not have started this blog unless I felt anyone would read it. I realize my grammar might not be stellar, but I’m a work in progress. Thanks to everyone who takes a moment to read my posts! Seriously. Thanks. You’re awesome beyond words. 

I can paint-  (Left is actual photo, right is my painting)

  (Painting for my dad’s “man cave”)
I can sew! (Ehh kind of) still learning, but I’m capable of doing this!

 I can sing, kind of sort of, not badly! (Well, I’ve really known this a while but stage fright is an ongoing issue. Actually, I will sabotage my performance on purpose, if I think a anyone’s listening…that’s how deep my stage fright goes…)

Last but not least, the point of this post…hair. I get bored quickly with my hair. Let’s face it, getting your hair done is expensive!! I’ve spent the last year going it on my own…here’s what I’ve done solo…

Highlights-this took several tries to get right. My hair is super dark brown. 


Purple highlights. FYI, a lot of these “funky” colors are semi permanent and wash out after a few shampoos. Not worth the trouble for me to do it again. 


Hair cut. This is today’s stubborn DIY (because I don’t feel like going out with my 4 year old). I cut 3 inches off. I won’t lie. This was scary!! I’m pretty satisfied. It’s not perfect, but hey-I saved $30-$40ish! 

There’s something liberating about doing things for yourself-even if it’s just a hair cut. YOU are in control. YOU are responsible. most importantly, YOU don’t owe anyone but yourself. 

(Disclaimer: take this post with a grain of salt-I am NOT a hair dresser. Tread lightly my friend….)


2 thoughts on “Chopped. (DIY Hair edition)

  1. Great job! It looks really nice! 🙂
    I know getting hair cut is so expensive… and it’s hard to go when you have small children around. I hate cutting my hair or colouring my hair at home because it’s messy but I will probably do that this summer since I have no money for salon!

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