“You mad, bro?”

If dogs could talk.

This was once my daughter’s playhouse. She has since been evicted by ….our German Shepherds. 

It all started 2 years ago when Dozer graced us with his presence. He was  a sweet cuddly little pup-only 9 weeks old, and we were smitten. Little did we know, that he would grow up with his sole purpose-to evict my 5 year old daughter from her playhouse.

He didn’t work alone. Oh no.  His partner in crime was a pretty young pup named, Kayla. She joined our family a year later and helped make Dozer’s plan a reality. Look at her. She’s so ashamed she won’t even show her face….

From the moment they met, they started plotting their takeover…
They worked day and night.  
Finally, they formulated a plan. They would pretend to be BFF’s to the kids. Kayla would listen intently to Jakob play guitar 

 Dozer played his part as well.


They had the kids eating out of their hands (or paws)… 

  Finally the time had come…to move in.  


Better luck next time kids. Better luck next time…


4 thoughts on ““You mad, bro?”

  1. a complete succinct story about practically everything!
    (there’s a few unimportant things missing, like weaving in your need? for naps — tho’ the pixure of the dawgzawn the couch wuzz gr8 !)

    Liked by 1 person

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