Job interviews…with a 4 and 5 year old.

It’s spring break. Due to the weather not being ideal today forcing us mostly indoors, I came up with an idea while eating lunch with the kiddos.

As a boredom buster, I thought I would give them mock job interviews for their potential “jobs” that they chose. They also chose the clothing they wanted to wear for their interviews.

The following is the transcripts from our interviews…


Applicant #1: Lilly-Age 5IMG_3924

Desired Position: Rock Star

Me: “Thank you for your interest in employment. How are you doing today?”

Lilly: “Good.”

Me: “Why were you interested in becoming a Rock Star?”

Lilly: “Because I have pink hair. (she is wearing a clip with a strand of fake pink hair hanging down.) “And, umm. Because ummm, I have long hair.”

Me: “Can you sing?”

Lilly: “Uh-huh.”

Me: “What kind of songs do you sing?”

Lilly: “Ummmm…Ummm….Rock Star songs.”

Me: “Do you have any other things that you can do well?”

Lilly: (shakes head) “Oh wait, I mean dancing.”

Me: “Do you work well with other people?”

Lilly: (Nods head)

Me: “What do you think your worst quality is?”

Lilly: (in whisper) “What’s quality?”

Me: “What do you not do so well?”

Lilly: “Ummm….(long pause). Running with one foot.”

Me: “How much money do you want to get paid?”

Lilly: “$50. $50 a day.”

Me: “What would you do if a friend tried to steal equipment from the company?”

Lilly: “Umm. Call the police.”

Me: “Have you done any other jobs in the past?”

Lilly: “Working in a store.”

Me: “What kind of store did you work at?

Lilly:”The sweet shop.”

Me: “What did you have to do there?”

Lilly: “Make the sweet stuff.”

Me: “Is there anything else you want to say, about why we should hire you?”

Lilly: (shakes head) “Oh, actually, because I have pink hair.”

Me: “Ok, we’ll be in touch. Thank you.”



Applicant #2 : Jakob-age 4

Desired Position: DaddyIMG_3923

Me: “Hello Mr. Jakob, it’s very nice to meet you. I’m going to be interviewing you today”

Jakob: (barely able to contain his excitement) “I worked at a store before!!”

Me: “You did?”

Jakob: “And that store is called..umm..Wal-mart.”

Me: “You worked at Wal-mart? What did you do there?”

Jakob: “Clean a lot of stuff up, cause everybody made a mess in there. People put dirt in there.”

Me: “So what job are you interviewing for today?”

Jakob: “I cleaned it all up. It was a lot of cleaning!” (giggling)

Me: “What job are you interviewing for today?”

Jakob: “I am a Dad.”

Me: “Ok, why should we hire you as the Daddy?”

Jakob: “Cause. I have kids.”

Me: “How many kids do you have?”

Jakob: “600! Ha!”

Me: “What are the names of your kids?”

Jakob: “Umm..One named himself Toots, because he wanted that name. Everybody of my kids named their self Toot.

Me: “Do you have a wife?”

Jakob: “Uh, yeah.”

Me: “Is she pretty? What’s her name?”

Jakob: “She named herself, Poop.”

Me: “So you married a girl named Poop?”

Jakob: “I mean, no I didn’t. Her name is Acoo-la-deeeee.”

Me: “Where did you meet her?”

Jakob: “At a store buying orange juice for her kids.”

Me: “So she already had kids when you met??”

Jakob: “Yeah. And it was 600, they all had to walk.”

Me: “So she had 600 kids already when she married you??”

Jakob: “No, I married her.”

Me: “How old are you?”

Jakob: “Six.” 

Me: “What are you good at?”

Jakob: “Singing.When I was at something buying a lot of stuff, I umm, go-d to a rock star show, and I got to sing.

Me: “Why should we hire you?”

Jakob: “Cause. I worked at a store!”

Me: “How much money would you like to get?”

Jakob: “Six-hundred,million.”

Me: “Wow. For your 600 kids?”

Jakob: “Yeah.

Me: “What do you think it takes to be a daddy?”

Jakob: “Umm. Fighting bad guys.”

Me: “Do you have to change diapers?”

Jakob: “And the mom has to change the diapers!”

Me: “Ohhh, that’s not fair!”

Jakob: “One day I will. Only one day.”

Me: “Ok, thank you very much. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”




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