Candy, candy, and…MORE candy.

I love Easter. Mainly because, for Christians like myself, it holds a lot of meaning. This time of year for me, holds more weight than Christmas. It’s a time when I look at myself for the sinner that I am, and reflect on Jesus’s life-the life that he gave for ME.


 While I try to educate my children about the true meaning of Easter, their main focus is-EGG HUNTS! BASKETS! CANDY!!!!!!!!!! Our Easter morning usually go as follows…

Children wake up about an hour earlier than normal. Parents are still sleeping soundly when children start screeching, “Mommy! Daddy! It’s Easter!!!!! Wake up!!!!!!!!” Parents groggily roll out of bed. “C’mon guys! let’s go!” children cry. Mom trips over giant dog, while trying to reach for phone, which will be needed to take pictures. “Hang on kiddos, just give us a second,” Parents plead. Dad slowly gets out of bed and prays silently that maybe this is a dream and the sweet little babes are actually still sleeping.

Kids are jumping up and down in the upstairs hallway outside of their rooms. Parents slowly exit their room while desperately longing for the coffee that is available and waiting right downstairs to be brewed. Sadly they will have to wait at least an hour for their beloved coffee. There are pictures to be taken whilst children search for baskets and eggs. There is no time for coffee. Not yet.

Children RUN downstairs and start searching for their baskets. They find a clue, courtesy of the “Easter bunny”, and head to the next room for clue number two. “Look! it’s a picture of a potty! We have to look in the potty??? Ewww!” Daughter informs her younger brother. Parents look at each other and shake their heads. Children aren’t quite at reading level forcing the “Easter Bunny” to draw picture clues. Apparently the “Easter Bunny” is not the best artist. “I think the Easter bunny means the laundry room.” Mom says.

Eventually with the help of the parents (and unfortunately the poor drawings from the “Easter Bunny”), the children find their baskets. “Look!!! I see it!!!!” Son says to daughter. “Candy!!!!!!!!!” She replies. Parents are quick to point out that it’s 6:45 in the morning and maybe we should at least wait until after breakfast to indulge. “No! That’s! Not! Fair!” 5 year old daughter is on the verge of tears. Parents look at each other and cave. “Ok, just ONE piece.”

Following breakfast is the Easter egg hunt. Eggs filled with more…Candy. Parents begin to loathe candy. Children are now bouncing off the walls. They tried very hard, as kids do, to listen to their parents. Unfortunately, they are far too tempted by the candy in their baskets to listen to the “one piece” rule that their parents suggested initially. They have been sneaking candy steadily since baskets were discovered. Parents are not stupid and realize this, but do not want to deprive them of their egg hunt they’ve been promised. Parents have considered replacing candy with non-candy items but are ill-prepared.

Egg hunt is over and was a success. Both children found LOTS of eggs filled with…candy. Throughout the day the poor parents are constantly being asked the same question, “Can I just have ONE more piece of candy?? Puh-leasssssse????!!!”


Easter was a success at this house. We egg hunted. We went hiking. We had a feast for lunch. Everyone had a great day. If all the candy would magically disappear, this day would be perfect.




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