Farts are still funny.

Am I ever going to feel like a grown up?Obviously, I am indeed an adult. I’m a wife, a Mother, an almost 30 year old woman with a lot of responsibilities. Actually saying woman instead of girl, just feels odd. It feels like I just graduated high school a week ago, started middle school a month ago, and watched the last season of full house for the first time, just a little over a year ago. (Thank God for Fuller House!!) At what point in time did I blink too slow and end up 20 years into the future, with children of my own?? I can’t even think about how 10 years from now, they will be caught up to the point in time in their own lives that I still feel I actually am still in myself. So much of the world has changed, but I still feel the same. Maybe that’s a good thing. Can anyone else relate??

This is me circa 1989. Rocking my plaid shirt and acid wash jeans….



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