Minecraft….and my sanity

My children have this wonderfully mysterious video game called minecraft. Yes. Many parents will know what I’m talking about. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go ahead and look it up. I would love to explain it to you, if I had the slightest idea how to play it, or have any knowledge on what the heck a creeper is (apparently a bad guy). 

 My children, think they are playing the actual game when we discover they have in fact been playing the tutorial the whole time. They will not be able to save their frozen castle they created …..*insert screaming and crying*. “Mommy!!!! Help us!!” They cry. I think to myself, how hard can it be??

We set it to peaceful mode to ensure no creepers or zombies can attack us. My children already seem to know how to build things. I fumble around with the controls for several minutes, accidentally “mining” instead of “placing” blocks. Oops. Children are now getting frustrated. “Mommy! You broke my doorway! You have to press the left trigger to place an object.” Says my daughter. Finally, once it seems that both kiddos have built their castle again (this time with the ability to save their progress), I step into the kitchen when I realize I’m no longer needed (even though I never was). Moments later I hear my daughter’s pleas for help once more. “Mommy, Mommy!! Help!! There’s water all through the castle. I was trying to build a pool, but now there’s water everywhere!! I can’t get Steve out! Help!” She says. I look at the screen. It looks like a well played game of jenga but with minecraft blocks. Half of them are blue, the other half are brick colored. Steve is trapped. I try “mining” him out. More water pours in. I try again. Crap I just dug a deeper hole. Meanwhile, my son is laughing because his Steve guy is floating through the air some how. “Mommy, please! Steve’s drowning!!” Screw it. I’m breaking down the castle. We gotta save Steve. I just start mining everything in sight. Eventually the water goes down and Steve is out. Daughter is relieved. “Let’s build another castle!!” She is excited again. Son is still laughing, but this time it’s because he’s chasing a pig with a pick axe. I’ve had enough at this point. “Time to turn it off kiddos. Time to turn it off….”


3 thoughts on “Minecraft….and my sanity

  1. I managed to figure out Minecraft (a little bit). Enough to understand his dilemma when he talks about creepers blowing up his house or Steve getting stuck in hole/mine or dying from falling in lava. We only have the tablet version though. He LOVES minecraft (even though he’s extremely limited in how much he gets to play).

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