The Gym. (and kids).

  Let’s talk about how much fun it is to get out the door and head to the gym, shall we? Long gone are the days when I was able to have an idea pop in my head, decide I want to go do it, and actually go do it. Immediately. Without having to take into consideration others that I would be bringing along on this adventure. You may ask (if you don’t have kids), what is there to consider?  Don’t you just put them in the car and go? Ohhh boy. I have to chuckle to myself for a minute….Ok, I’m done. Yes. That is the basic idea. However, let’s consider the logistics of said journey (I will use this morning as an example….).

Step one: Inform child (age 4 male)  of my intentions to head to the gym.

Step two: Listen to whining about how he does not want to go to the gym and would rather stay at home and cry….(yes. cry. I asked him what he wanted to do, and that was my response.)

Step three: Start getting ready to go to gym anyway, because that’s where we’re going. Period.

Step four: Argue with small human AGAIN about going to the gym.

Step five: Threaten punishment. We are now putting on shoes and heading out the door.

Step six: Arrive at gym. Place kiddo in kids area. He now forgets I’m even here and starts playing with toys.

Step seven: Really????????

Step eight: Realize we have actually arrived at our destination!!!!

Step nine: Walk into gym and after all the drama involving kiddo, I realize I actually am here and need to work out…..*sigh*

Ok, you get the idea. BTW, when I picked him up, he totally ignored me. Too busy having fun. Can you imagine that?? Fun!!!!

Overall, I consider today successful.



2 thoughts on “The Gym. (and kids).

  1. I don’t go to the gym now (I just watch my kids get into all kinds of shenanigans while I’m running on the treadmill), but when I used to there was always some sort of drama. When my daughter was 1, I used to be able to hear her cry in the nursery the whole time I worked out- just to make the whole working out thing a bit more painful!

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